Cosmetic Dentistry in Modbury, SA

woman hugging the shoulders of man from behindDo you take good care of your teeth and gums, only to be unhappy with the way your smile looks? Once thought reserved for the rich and famous, cosmetic dentistry procedures come in many different varieties to fit many different budgets. If you have discoloured, chipped or otherwise imperfect teeth, cosmetic dentistry can make subtle or dramatic improvements.

We would like to welcome you to our Adelaide, SA dental clinic. Principal dentist, Dr Narelle Van Velzen, can talk to you about how you can get the smile of your dreams.

What You Can Expect With Cosmetic Dentistry

When you come in for an initial consult, we will spend the time with you to ensure you completely understand your treatment options. Whatever you need—from a simple filling to a complete smile makeover—we strive to provide you with personalised, quality care that results in 100 percent patient satisfaction.

Often cosmetic treatments go further than simply addressing the aesthetics of the smile. They can also solve oral problems you might be having, such as issues with your bite. In the end, we want to make sure your smile functions just as good as it looks.

Some of the cosmetic dental procedures we provide include:

  • Professional teeth whitening—With our in-office or take-home kits, your teeth can be noticeably whiter and brighter. This is a quick, affordable way to dramatically change the look of your smile.
  • Dental bonding—We can fix a tooth that is chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged with dental bonding.
  • Dental implants—Missing teeth mean your smile isn’t as attractive or as functional as it could be. Filling in the gaps with a dental implant restores your smile and protects the health of your remaining teeth.
  • Reshaping and contouring—When teeth are too long or too short, our team can reshape the gums to provide you with a more aesthetic look.

We use only top-quality products that are as durable as they are beautiful. They enable us to closely match your natural teeth so you have a seamless, celebrity-calibre smile that you can enjoy for many years.

woman with bright and white smileProfessional Teeth Whitening in Modbury

At Plaza Dental Care, we see patients almost every day who want to whiten their teeth. Professional teeth whitening is one of the simplest ways to brighten up a smile. A whiter smile can make you look younger and improve your self-confidence.

We can remove surface stains on the teeth with routine teeth cleaning. When there is discolouration that goes beyond the surface of the tooth, we can offer the following whitening options:

  • One visit in-office whitening—In just a single one-hour appointment, you can have teeth that are several shades whiter.
  • Take-home whitening—After creating custom moulds of your teeth, we will give you instructions on how to whiten your teeth at home in just two weeks.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, we welcome your call to schedule a consult. Let’s talk about treatment options that can improve your smile.