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General & Restorative Dentistry, Preventive Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry are just some of the services we offer. To see all our services, just click the link below.
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Welcome to our Plaza Dental Care

Plaza Dental Care has been providing dental care in Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, Modbury since the centre opened in 1972.

Dr Narelle Van Velzen and our very experienced staff are committed to our motto,

WE CARE FOR YOU”, in providing comprehensive dental care for your entire family.

We emphasise the caring for you in all aspects of your experience with our practice, from your first contact to make an appointment, to listening to your needs and requirements, to treatment consultation and planning, to your clinical experience and follow up.

Many dental practices like ours also have modern dental technology and treatments available, but ultimately genuine caring for you as a person will establish the long term relationship for you and your dental care team of choice.

We would love to be your dental care team of choice.

  • Our practice has recently been re-located to help you feel at ease and comfortable. Ceiling mounted flat screen TVs, become a welcome distraction during your visit with us.
  • Our intra oral camera system will enable you to see what we can see, as will our digital radiographic system.

These systems along with our clinical records and administration are all linked to our computer network. This provides enhanced appointing, insurance claims and simplified payments.

Our Dental Hygiene Team are an integral part of our practice and optimise our preventive dental service. Along with your own home oral care maintenance, our dental hygienists will help ensure the long term health of your mouth. As well as cleaning, they will monitor oral health, recommend best practice in home maintenance, advise on aids such as electric toothbrushes, and can provide clinically proven and registered teeth whitening.

We want to be the Dental Team, that keeps you healthy, smiling, relaxed and comfortable. We care for you.

Our Philosophy

  • We aim to help you keep your teeth for life.
  • Our Practice philosophy involves a commitment to excellence in everything we do.
  • We believe by striving for excellence we will be offering the best service to our patients, and at the same time, gaining personal fulfillment and satisfaction from our work.
  • We would like to help our patients restore and maintain their mouths to optimal function and appearance, so that they feel better, chew better, look better and are more easily cleaned and maintained.
  • We know that, for financial reasons, we sometimes need to stage treatment plans to suit individual circumstances and we then use our holding and maintenance program to preserve the potential to achieve our ultimate goals.
  • Our aim is to foster happy, healthy, loyal patients who are proud of their mouths and happy to refer their family and friends to us for care. This enables our Practice to grow and prosper.
  • We aim to be members of a happy, confident, committed team who are seen to be genuinely loving and caring towards our patients and each other.
  • Each one of us has an important and unique role to play in the team. By working to the best of our abilities we will achieve our goal of fostering happy, healthy, motivated patients who accept their share of responsibility for their dental health.
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