Tooth-Coloured Fillings in Modbury, SA

Multi-generational family smilingEven if you are a diligent brusher and flosser, chances are that you will develop tooth decay at some point in your life. At our Modbury, SA dental clinic, we see tooth cavities develop in many of our patients.

The good news is that unlike in the past, when your only option was a dark grey metal amalgam filling to stop the decay from spreading, we now offer tooth-coloured fillings. Not only are these more aesthetically pleasing because they blend in with your tooth, but they offer some other benefits for patients as well.

What Is a Cavity?

Many people associate tooth cavities with consuming too many sugary foods and beverages, which is true—but that is not all.

Everyone’s mouth contains millions of bacteria, some good and some bad. Since these bacteria feed on sugar molecules, the more sugars you eat, the worse the bacteria. The acid excreted by these bacteria is what is so harmful to your dental enamel. It breaks down the enamel, causing holes in your teeth; these are called cavities.

Bacteria also results in a sticky substance that develops on your teeth called plaque. Everyday brushing and flossing cannot remove all of this substance; what is left hardens and turns into tartar (or calculus). If this isn’t removed, it can lead to other problems, including gum disease. The only way to remove tartar is with special dental instruments, which is why cleans every six months are so important.

What Can I Expect with a Tooth-Coloured Filling in Modbury?

If you’ve ever had an amalgam filling, the tooth-coloured filling procedure isn’t all that different. After completely numbing the area, Dr Narelle Van Velzen will remove the decayed portion of the tooth to make room for the tooth filling, then apply the composite resin material in layers.

Because the composite resin material used in tooth-coloured fillings is made to match your natural tooth colour, no one will be able to tell you even have a filling.

woman with hat smilingWhat Are the Benefits of a Tooth-Coloured Filling?

In addition to the aesthetic quality of tooth-coloured fillings, they provide other benefits:

  • We don’t need to remove as much of the tooth structure with composite fillings.
  • Tooth-coloured fillings tend to cause less sensitivity to heat or cold than their amalgam counterparts.
  • Because tooth-coloured fillings adhere to the tooth, there is less chance of fracture. They also tend to last longer than amalgam fillings.

Are You Due for a Check-Up and Clean in Modbury?

One of the biggest problems with cavities is that they don’t usually cause any trouble until it’s too late. Often, people who don’t go to the dentist regularly are unaware they have a cavity until serious damage has been done to their tooth. Regular check-ups at our Modbury, SA dental clinic give Dr Van Velzen the opportunity to identify issues like cavities early, before they hurt so that we can treat them sooner rather than later.

We welcome your call to Plaza Dental Care so we can get you scheduled for a dental appointment. We always have room for new patients.