Root Canal Treatment in Modbury, SA

Man holding jaw from pain before root canalFewer words put more dread into people than 'you need a root canal.' But this dental treatment, which is often associated with pain because of the toothache that usually precipitates a visit to the dentist, is a common procedure that can save your tooth. The treatment itself is generally painless because of a local anaesthetic, and most patients report that it was no worse than getting a filling.

If toothache pain is keeping you from your normal daily activities, we encourage you to call Plaza Dental Care sooner rather than later. Prompt treatment is crucial, or the infection can spread elsewhere in your mouth. Not addressing the infection can also lead to tooth loss.

Don’t fear the root canal procedure. Call our Modbury, SA dental surgery at the first sign of dental pain.

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

One of the first signs you might need a root canal is a toothache that starts out mild enough but quickly gets worse—particularly when you are lying down. Other signs include:

  • Swelling or tenderness in the gums
  • Pain that increases when biting down
  • A white spot on the gum near the affected tooth
  • Sudden sensitivity to hot and cold foods or beverages
  • A tooth that is dark or discoloured

The Root Canal Treatment 

Because we will completely numb the area, you shouldn’t feel pain while we complete the root canal treatment. In fact, if toothache pain brought you into our dental clinic, you should start feeling relief almost immediately.

After numbing the affected tooth, our dentists will make a tiny hole in the tooth to remove the infected tooth pulp and other bacteria. The area will be completely flushed out and rinsed with an antibacterial liquid to ensure it is clean. Then it will be filled and sealed.

We generally recommend a dental crown to restore the strength of the tooth, which now will tend to become brittle without the living tissue inside the root. A dental crown will ensureMan and woman smiling you can chew comfortably and that the treated tooth can withstand the pressure.

Success Rates of a Root Canal

We are pleased to report that success rates are excellent with our root canal therapy. With the use of rotary endodontics and the experienced touch of our dentists, we can provide more precise treatment, which greatly improves the percentage of successful outcomes.

We Welcome Your Call to Our Modbury Dental Clinic

We recommend that you do not put off treatment when you are experiencing the pain of toothache. No amount of dental pain is normal, and chances are it won’t go away on its own. You could lose your tooth and put the health of your other teeth at risk. Our skilled, gentle team is available for you; just ring us on (08) 8264 7333.