Crowns and Bridges in Modbury, SA

dental crownsWhen teeth are healthy, it’s easy to take them for granted. Even when you take good care of your oral health, wear and tear can take their toll, and you might find yourself needing a tooth repaired or replaced.

Dr Narelle Van Velzen creates custom dental crowns and bridges for patients of our Modbury, SA dental clinic who have suffered dental damage. Dental crowns and bridges can restore smiles—and maybe even your self-confidence.

If you are dealing with a damaged tooth or have suffered the loss of one or more teeth, we welcome your call to our dental office. Dr Van Velzen can go over your options to ensure that you can chew and speak with confidence again. She will evaluate your needs and can help you make good decisions about the best treatment options.

Dental Crowns for Tooth Repair in Modbury

Many people know that tooth crowns are useful for repairing a back molar that has a large filling that is failing. These large fillings usually mean that much of the tooth structure has been removed, so replacing the filling is not an option. A dental crown, also referred to as a ‘tooth cap,’ will strengthen the remaining tooth structure, restoring your ability to chew on it again.

There are other reasons your dentist might recommend a dental crown:

  • A decayed tooth that has already had more than one filling in it might need a dental crown to protect it from further damage.
  • After tooth-saving root canal treatment, the remaining tooth structure becomes brittle because the pulp of the tooth is removed. We usually recommend a dental crown to keep the tooth protected and prevent a fracture from the force of chewing.
  • Patients who undergo dental implant surgery will usually have a crown put on the implant to complete the process. The crown blends in with the natural teeth for a seamless look.
  • Dental crowns are used cosmetically to conceal a tooth that is misshapen or discoloured.

The dental crown process usually takes place over two dental appointments. During the first appointment, your tooth will be treated to receive the crown. We will also make a mould of your toothwoman smiling structure to send to the lab that will fabricate the crown. We will place a temporary crown that will enable you to chew properly while you wait for your permanent crown.

At your second dental appointment, we’ll permanently place the custom crown.

Dental Bridges for Tooth Replacement

It’s never easy to lose a tooth. It can be embarrassing to have a noticeable gap in your smile, and it can also make it more challenging to eat and speak properly. With a dental bridge, we can replace the space left by a missing tooth.

A dental bridge is a prosthetic that is customised to bridge the gap left by one or more missing teeth. It restores your appearance and tooth function, and it also prevents your remaining teeth from shifting to fill in the empty space.

Don’t let damaged or missing teeth interfere with the form and function of your smile. With dental crowns and bridges at our Modbury, SA dental clinic, you can find yourself chewing, speaking and smiling again without having to feel self-conscious.