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Will my procedure hurt?

Woman smiling in dental chairWe understand that fear of pain is one of the things that keeps people from getting the dental care they need. We can’t promise that you will never feel any dental pain while you are in the chair, but we hope you’ll take comfort in the fact that we use a local anaesthetic before starting. Our Modbury, SA dentists will not get started with any treatments until we ensure you are comfortable in the dental chair. 

Our dentists use a local anaesthetic for almost all procedures, so the area being treated is fully numbed. Also, we use a specially formulated, ultra-strong numbing gel before administering the injection so you won’t feel so much as a prick. 

Informative Dental Care

We also find that it helps patients if they fully understand the treatment beforehand, so we take the time to explain everything. We will not proceed until you are comfortable. If you ever have questions about your oral health, we encourage you to simply ask. Our team enjoys sharing their knowledge of dentistry.

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We hope you won't let the fear of pain keep you from regular visits to the dentist. We invite you to book an appointment.

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