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How does a dental crown work?

Your Modbury dentist may recommend a dental crown for several reasons.

A dental crown is a cap that is hollowed out and tooth-shaped. It fits over a treated tooth and is always customised to look natural and complement your smile—both the aesthetics and function.

woman smiling after getting a dental crownWhy You Might Need a Crown

Reasons you may need a dental crown include:

  • To support a weak or damaged tooth following trauma or root canal therapy
  • To complete a dental implant by capping the replacement root
  • To secure a dental bridge to healthy adjacent teeth
  • To conceal flaws like discolouration, chips, and shape abnormalities

If you need a dental crown in Modbury, the process is very straightforward. Your dentist takes an impression, and a trusted lab uses the results to craft your custom tooth crown.

When the crown is ready, you come into our dental clinic. Your dentist will treat the tooth to be covered and make any final adjustments to your new crown, including shading.

We cement the crown over your treated tooth, and it restores aesthetics and bite function. After crown placement, you may smile with more confidence and be better able to enjoy your favourite foods.

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